Time flies when we are busy working. At FaveKad, we make sure that our team enjoys it. Check out this page if you are interested to build your career with us!

We give everyone a reason to connect! We develop our ecards with an Asian flair, accentuating the rich history, culture and traditions, fauna and flora, people and living culture in Malaysia and Asia. We bring people closer to their families and friends.

Junior Website Developer
  • E-Commerce / Marketing

    FaveKad’s E-Commerce / Marketing team is focused on growing the sustainability of FaveKad. We help to accelerate growths and establish new and lasting relationships with people from within and outside FaveKad. Our team is obsessed with enhancing customer engagement, customer experience and customer satisfaction. If you meet these qualities, come and join us!

  • Finance

    We take our responsibilities very seriously. We are the ‘dollars and cents’ people. We provide reports, pay the bills and salaries and we watch our cash flow. Nevertheless, we are also team players and we meet new challenges and strive to be as creative as the rest of the FaveKad family.

  • Creative

    Over here, the creative juices flow non-stop. It is a bottomless pit of ideas, innovation and initiatives where the adrenaline keeps pumping. It is the place best suited for people who think out of the box or with ‘no box’ and for those who just can’t wait to share their creative ideas.

  • Information Technology

    We are all about Internet of Things, cloud computing, cybersecurity and we are also the guardian of Big Data for the FaveKad family. We develop, test, operate and maintain FaveKad’s systems and platforms. We make it possible for our users to send their FaveKad to anyone, at any time to any where in the world.

  • Corporate Affairs

    We build relationship with the government, the media and the public, who are all equally important influencers for the FaveKad brand. We partner with the Information Technology team to analyse the data we collect and compile to enable us to answer the Who? What? Why? When? and How?

  • Human Resource

    Over here, we are tasked to preserve the FaveKad’s culture and we engage and work with inspiring individuals who make good team members. We constantly raise the bar to create the best team ever. Team member experience is an important aspect of FaveKad and we ensure that each and every team member feels belong here and is part of the family.

  • Legal

    We see opportunities where people see obstacles. We turn disadvantages into advantages. We see through the strength of our FaveKad family to achieve our vision. Are you an optimist?

  • Knowledge Management & Content Development

    Over here, we identify, determine and capture appropriate information for use. We use the information effectively by analysing and turning them into readable, interesting, informative and creative sensation - on diverse topics such as festivals, customs, traditions, tourism, landmarks, nature, food and culinary, greetings, etc. Are you game for all these challenging roles? If ‘Yes’, wait no more.