Day of Jing-Zhe (Da Xiao ren/ White Tiger Festival)

Day of Jing-Zhe, also known as the Day of the White Tiger Opens Its Mouth is the day when the insects and animals that go through hibernation during the winter are awakened by the first thunder of Spring. This results in the start of activities by foul spirits, including villains and the White Tiger God. Chinese who practise Taoism believe that they should conduct the 'Hit the Villain' (Da Xiao ren) ritual to prevent the foul spirits and villains from harming them. The 'awakening of insects' occurs on the 3rd of the 24 solar terms, which usually begins around March 5 or 6 and ends around March 20. Good days to perform the 'Hit the Villain' ritual fall on:
-Every 6th day of the lunar month
-Every 16th day of the lunar month
-Every 26th day of the lunar month
-On the day that state Chu Ri in the Chinese Almanac

According to the traditional Chinese cosmology, the number '6' and Chu Ri belong to 'Yin' (negative) number and 'Yin' Day is considered a good day to conduct the 'Hit the Villain' ritual.

The 'Hit the Villain' ritual is best conducted in gloomy and unlucky places such as under bridges, dark street alleys, cross junction roadsides, underpasses and hillsides because evil spirits tend to dwell in these places. The Chinese believe that cross junction roadsides provide the Evil Energy to restraint and hurt the villain. Nevertheless, one can also conduct the ritual at Chinese temples that worship the White Tiger God.

Most of the large temples have the White Tiger God. However, people are forbidden to worship the White Tiger God in their homes because it may overshadow the inhabitants and may court bad luck. The White Tiger is a ferocious creature and its rightful domain is in the temple.

The 'Hit the Villain' ritual and offering encompass the following:

1. Sacrifice to divinities, in which one worships the deities by offering incense and candles

2. Report - one writes down his name and date of birth on the paper talisman; and write down the name, date of birth and photograph of one's enemy on the villain paper or paper human effigy

3. Villain hitting - use symbolic objects such as shoes or religious symbolic weapons like the incense stick to hit the paper effigy

4. Offering of food to the White Tiger God. These include raw meat, lard, uncooked chicken or duck eggs, sesame seeds and mung beans. Put a small piece of lard into the mouth of the tiger to appease the White Tiger God.

5. Pray for blessings - use a red 'Gui Ren' paper to pray for blessings and help from the Helpful Spirits - Gui Ren

6. Treasure burning- burn the joss papers to thank the gods and spirits for their help.