George Town World Heritage City Day

On July 7, 2008, George Town, Penang was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage City. To commemorate George Town’s inscription on UNESCO’s World Heritage City listing, July 7 is declared a public holiday in the State of Penang.
George Town is the capital of Penang where history, culture and traditions meet. George Town offers a multitude of attractions that combine the colonial heritage and living culture. Therefore it is not a surprise that George Town, Penang has won many awards and recognitions from international media. George Town, Penang’s accolades are listed below:
• Lonely Planet: #4 Top Ten Cities To Visit;
• Los Angeles Times: #1 of 16 Must-Visit Destinations;
• Yahoo Travel: 10 Islands To Explore Before You Die;
• CNN Travel: Asia’s Top 10 Greatest Street Food Cities;
• The Guardian: #8 of its Top 40 Holiday Hotspots;
• Forbes: #1 Top Ten Best Budget Travel Destinations;
• CNNGo: Penang Laksa is World’s #7 Most Delicious Food;
• ECA: #8 Most Liveable City in Asia;
• CNN: #6 Best Places To Retire Abroad;
• UNESCO: Word Heritage Site;
• CNN: 17 best places to visit in 2017;
• Huff Post: Best Local Delicacies; and
• TIME: Best Street Food in Asia.
If you are a fan of street art, a nightlife party goer, a cultural enthusiast or even a food lover, George Town, Penang has it all for your holiday adventure.