International Kolam Festival

The International Kolam Festival is normally held in conjunction with the Deepavali celebration. Deepavali is the Hindu festival of light. The festival is a ‘kolam’ design competition participated by Malaysians and people from other countries. The festival is among the government initiatives to promote better understanding on the various cultures of the communities in Malaysia. The festival also aims at attracting tourists to Malaysia. The venue of the International Kolam Festival is normally a shopping mall to attract more visitors.

Kolam is also known as Ranggoli. It is a type of Indian folk art, usually made during Deepavali or any other Hindu festival. Kolam are bright decorative designs made at the entrance of a home. The patterns range from simple geometric designs to the most intricate shape and impressions. Kolam is made as a visual form of prayer to the Goddess Lakshmi to welcome her into the home and ask for her blessings. It is also believed that Kolam stops evil from entering the home.