Li Chun

Li Chun marks the beginning of spring. It is also known as Lap Chun in Cantonese. Li Chun is the first term of the 24 terms in the Chinese solar calendar. The 24 solar terms can be used quite accurately for farming activities. The Chinese lunar year is shorter than the solar year by 10 days a year. As such, once every three years, there are 13 months in the Chinese lunar calendar. Li Chun falls between February 3rd and 4th every year and was an important day to the ancient Chinese farmers, who celebrated the beginning of Li Chun with ceremonies and they worshipped for a prosperous year. It was a belief that a clear day on Li Chun would bring good harvest throughout the year while a rainy day on Li Chun is a sign for farmers to take extra precaution on their crops for the year. In Malaysia and Singapore, the Chinese community believe that if they deposit money in the bank on Li Chun, their wealth will grow.