Who Are We?

FaveKad is a wholly-owned Malaysian company, established in January 2017 with the aspiration of connecting everyone around the world with FaveKad’s ecards or FaveKads. Being a Malaysian company, FaveKad’s ecards are Malaysian-themed. The themes of the ecards were carefully chosen and the ecards were delicately crafted.

Through experience, we understand that close friends and family members drift apart over time because of distance, work and family. Sometimes it is because of other issues such as misunderstandings and disagreements. These people were once an important element in your life. They shared your most important childhood and adolescence dreams and moments. When you finally realised that they are no longer part of your present life and wish to reconnect with them, you could be at a loss for ideas on how to do so. FaveKad has the answer for you. Just pick an ecard that reminds you of your good old days with your long-lost family member or friend and send to them. This will help you to reconnect with them.

Sometimes we do not have the courage to break the ice. You meet someone but you are too shy to approach him or her to express your feelings. You wish to get to know someone you admire but do not know how to do so. FaveKad’s ecards are here to help you cut the first turf.

There are thousands of ecards on our site, which you could pick and send at your convenience as long as you have your recipient’s email, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter address or phone number. Being Malaysian, FaveKad is proud to showcase the multiculturalism in Malaysia – the multi-ethnic and multi-religious community in Malaysia and their way of life.

FaveKad’s ecards also present the natural beauty and important landmarks that tell the story of a certain place. In short, FaveKad also aims at showcasing the Malaysian pride. FaveKad offers ecards in every category that we could think of. Therefore, FaveKad gives you a reason to connect and enhances your reason to connect by making it easy for you.

The name FaveKad was conceived from two words, namely ‘Fave’ for ‘favourite’ and ‘Kad’ for ‘card’. ‘Kad’ is how ‘card’ is spelt in Bahasa Malaysia, the national language of Malaysia.