3 Malaysians awarded the 2020 Diana Award

FaveKad joins Malaysians from all over the country to congratulate Priyanka Vairavasundaram, Nelson Jia Jun Ng and Prevena Ramakrishnan for winning the 2020 Diana Award. Priyanka has been conducting enrichment programmes and motivational talks for youth to help them unleash their potentials. Thus far, her programmes have benefited 3900 students. Nelson founded the student-led NGO ProjectEd and established the ‘Knowledge is Free Scholarship’, which is the first and only student-led scholarship fund in Malaysia. This scholarship enables underprivileged students to pursue tertiary education. Prevena advocates for women and girls in STEM and created a range of innovative programmes to support gender equality in STEM education. The Diana Award was established in1999 by the British Government in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales. It is a prestigious award for young persons aged 9 to 25 years for their social action or humanitarian work. As a progressive nation, Malaysia definitely needs more young people like Priyanka, Nelson and Prevena to share and spread their energy. We are proud of you!

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Priyanka, Nelson, Prevena - kebolehan anda memang tiada tandingannya. Tahniah! Dorothy Khoo
Tahniah kepada Priyanka, Nelson and Prevena. Redzwan Latif
Sekalung tahniah kepada pemuda-pemudi kita yang berbakat ini. Hafizah
Congratulations to our young Diana Award winners. Justin Lee
Malaysia Boleh in various areas. To Priyanka, Nelson and Prevena, well done! MUHAMAD HAZRI BIN HAMIDON
Wow! I didn't know that Malaysia has so many talented people. Furthermore, they are so young. Congratulations to Priyanka, Nelson and Prevena. Angeline Lim