He has what it takes to be a ‘rocket scientist’.

Age is not a factor when it comes to science as 12-year old Danish Irfan Muslim has proven to the world. Danish and his teacher-father recently won the Water Rocket competition in the World Robotics Championship in New Delhi, India. Without doubt, he was the youngest winner. The World Robotics Championship presents an opportunity to all robotic enthusiasts regardless of their academic training or professional backgrounds. The Championship comprises nine categories of competition and Water Rocket is one of them.Participants in the Water Rocket competition are required to design and build a water rocket within the specified dimensions. The rocket must be strong enough to endure the pressure and when launched from the launch pad, it must achieve the maximum altitude above ground level. The rocket that stays the longest in the air is the winner. FaveKad congratulates Danish and Muslim for their achievement.Danish and Muslim, keep our Jalur Gemilang flying!

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