The FaveKad Family

FaveKad is a provider of ecards and it is FaveKad’s calling to act as a bridge between the sender and the recipient. As a small start-up, we see ourselves as a happy and united family that is committed to achieving the purpose of bridging people, giving them a reason and enhancing their reason to connect with their family and friends. We also aspire to help people to reach out to other people who they are keen to know better.

Being Malaysian means that we are proud of our origin. Therefore, all our ecards are carefully crafted. We only use photographs that are taken in Malaysia if they are not digitally drawn. We also feel that it is our obligation to tell the Malaysian story, to provide an explanation about the places featured in our ecards. By doing so, we hope that the senders and the recipients alike, whether they are in Malaysia or outside Malaysia, their knowledge about Malaysia will improve.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

The FaveKad Family believes in giving back to the community we live in and make a difference in the community. As a start-up family, it is not possible for us to give a lot of cash contributions nor could we afford to send our team to do voluntary work in the community. Nevertheless, we had done some CSR and in fact some of the CSR activities are still on-going.

FaveKad carried out philanthropic initiatives in terms of giving time and resources to build the platform for the purpose of sending ecards in the website of FaveKad’s CSR partners. The platform is powered by FaveKad and FaveKad also helped to develop the ecards that are relevant to the CSR partners. By doing so, the users of FaveKad’s CSR partners’ site will be able to access and send ecards that are relevant to their cause.